The History and Performance of the Specialty of Applied Psychology
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In 2005 after being approved by the Specialty Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University, the Psychological Research and Counseling Center applied to the Specialty Setting Committees of both the Educational Department of Sichuan Province and the Ministry of Education for setting up its undergraduate programs. In 2006 its application was approved, and in 2008 it began its recruitment of students from across China. Relying on the discipline of psychology, the specialty of applied psychology is dedicated to cultivating compound talents that master the psychological theory and the basic knowledge and skills, and are capable of serving in the fields of teaching, research, social service, and management, etc. The employment rate of our graduates is 100%. About 22% of our graduates have entered the key national universities, research institutes to further their studies while most of the graduates work in government agencies or well-known companies continuing their growth and making contributions to social development.

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