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Over 10 years of hard work has laid a solid foundation for the mental health education system, teaching reform, innovation team, and platform construction. We established the first college experiment and training platform for mental health education in 2005. Besides, we have won the title of National Excellent Science Base and built five provincial research and training platforms.

Relying on the National Course Platform, five bases and one center, the university has formed a "highly qualified educational and teaching team" which aims to serve all college students, and a "psychological education and counseling team" which focuses on individual psychological problems. Taking the concept of innovation as the guide, the "student-centered conception, mind stimulation, healthy personality and all-round development" as the principle, the "disciplines consolidation, team building, talents development and society service" as the gripper, we have achieved the efficacy of "combing the soft and the hard, pooling resources, practical experience and network integration".

We are the first to build the innovative mental health education system of "Five plus One" in China. Here “Five plus One” refers to five modules and one system. The five modules are classroom teaching, crisis intervention, experimental training, psycho-culture, and community service, and the one system is the psychological education system for comprehensively improving college students’ psychological quality.

This system holds classroom teaching as its main front, crisis intervention as the firewall, experimental training as the source of the potential inspiration, psycho-culture as the educational environment and social services as the carrier for promoting students socialization. The five modules blend mutually to play an overall effect of psychological education in personnel training.

Following the innovation system of "Five plus One", we have set up the feasible educational teaching methods to reach the expected target.

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