The Ministry of Education Popularized Southwest Jiaotong University’s Practice and Experience in Fostering Its “Love Yourself
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Recently, the Ministry of Education published a bulletin on strengthening and improving college students’ political and ideological education entitled “Southwest Jiaotong University Has Been Working Hard to Promote College Students' Mental Health Education by Cultivating Its ‘Love-yourself’ Psychoculture”. This is the third year that the Ministry of Education has popularized Southwest Jiaotong University’s practice since Southwest Jiaotong University initiated its “3.25” (Love-yourself) mental health education campaign, the first of its kind in China in 2012. The first two bulletins published by the Ministry of Education for the popularization of Southwest Jiaotong University’ practice in college students’ mental health education are entitled “Southwest Jiaotong University Stages the "3·25" (Love yourself) Mental Health Education Campaign to Further Improve the Quality of College Students' Mental Health Education Work", and “Southwest Jiaotong University Enriches the Content of “3·25” (Love yourself) Mental Health Campaign to Promote the Healthy Growth of College Students” respectively.

 Since the founding of the Psychological Research and Counseling Center of Southwest Jiaotong University in 1996, its faculty has been making concerted and unremitting efforts and established the “five-in-one” mental health education system composed of “class-room education, crisis intervention, experimental training, psychoculture, and social service” to promote college students’ mental health. This system was awarded the second prize of the national teaching achievement prize, and the relevant practice has been introduced to and adopted by other colleges and enterprises. In 2015, Southwest Jiaotong University was approved by the Ministry of Education as a "national demonstration center for college mental health education and counseling", one of the 6 demonstration centers in China.  

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