SWJTU’s Party Secretary Wang Shunhong Conducted a Survey at Psychological Research and Counseling Center
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On the afternoon of March 2, Mr. Wang Shunhong, the party secretary of Southwest Jiaotong Universtiy(SWJTU) came to the Psychological Research and Counseling Center (PRCC) for a survey of the talents cultivation and future development of PRCC.

After hearing the work report of PRCC, Mr. Wang commented: “Mental health education plays an important role in the future development of SWJTU and in students’ growth and success.” He also spoke highly of PRCC’s achievements in students’ affairs, ideological and political education, and teaching. He then hoped that PRCC should also offer psychological counseling to the staff members of SWJTU.

To further upgrade PRCC’s capacity of teaching and research, Mr. Wang suggested hiring relevant experts from outside SWJTU, including the experienced retirees to cultivate the students. At the same time, he also advised hiring some assistants who are in charge of students’ affairs to work as part-time teachers.

At the symposium, Professor Ning Weiwei, the director of PRCC reported the SWJTU’s achievements in mental health education, namely, the well-established organization, elite team, numerous platforms, solid foundation, well cultivated students, well-reputed social service, and far-reaching influence. At the end, Professor Ning also put forward his vision for the further development of the discipline of psychology.

Accompanied by Professor Ning Weiwei and leaders of other departments, Mr. Wang visited the labs of PRCC.


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