Professor Zuo Bin from Central China Normal University Gave Lecture at Psychological Research and Counseling Center
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On the afternoon of March 10, 2016, at the invitation of the Psychological Research and Counseling Center(PRCC), Professor Zuo Bin from the School of Psychology of Central China Normal University gave a lecture entitled “The Impression in PsychologyKnowing People and Conducting Oneself” to the students of applied psychology at PRCC.

Professor Zuo Bin is the vice chairman of Chinese Association of Social Psychology, the director general of Psychological Association of Hubei Province, and a doctoral supervisor. As a very productive researcher, he has hosted many international and domestic research projects and published 45 academic papers.

In his lecture Professor Zuo Bin mainly expounded on the formation and management of impressions, including the individual impression and the group impression. Then he talked about different types of stereotypes, including gender stereotype, age stereotype, occupational stereotype, ethnic/national stereotype, country stereotype, and status stereotype.

In the last part of his lecture, Professor Zuo Bin introduced the Person in Society Theory. He stressed that we should learn to be a social being, knowing our social role, carrying out our important duty, and maintaining good social relations.




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